Fashion Style – Batik Trends are endless. The number of batik motifs coming from various regions in Indonesia to make the batik lovers not the ordinary desire to make batik more lively. That can be used in casual to formal events. Most high-ranking officials use batik at state ceremonies or government, meetings until the invitation is still wearing batik. Even important and famous people who are from overseas do not stop amazed by Indonesian batik. They do not hesitate to wear it on their show.

This batik trend began to follow the era with various models and styles. Most of them make models and styles to be used for women. As for men, most are suitable for long-sleeved or short shirts, or some models of their clothes combined with Batik motifs.

Combination Fashion Style Trend Batik ClothHere are some batik motifs that have been used members as a model and style in order to relax while wearing it, among others;
1. Models of modern batik clothes have a feature that looks luxurious and elegant. Can be seen through the motive and also the materials used. Patterns and color combinations that make this batik increasingly look elegant,
2. Batik trend for now is batik combination. As the name implies, surely this combination comes from more than one mtif of batik combined or can also be batik motifs combined with plain fabric that is suitable to be combined,
3. Batik couple is the target of many couples. Most of them choose and have this batik used to attend an activity or event that requires that they should come in pairs,
4. Batik boss is in accordance with his name, of course, batik motifs used for clothes superiors or subordinates. Usually a blouse or shirt that is combined with some other batik motifs or with plain cloth,
5. Batik this office is required to be used almost in all offices in Indonesia for certain days. Usually used on Fridays. Not all offices require batik wear. But still, batik can also be used for office uniform.

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