‘Hijab’ Ladies

Fashion Casual For ‘Hijab’ Ladies – Fashion is getting better everytime. Everyone can use the clothing without having to feel awkward. Because this fashion style is suitable for use in any event. Still, to consider it. Do not carelessly wear it if the event is really formal. Because not all clothing can be used in the event that is really formal. Moreover for the current trend is more to casual that leads to semi-formal.

Now, we with know many ladies wearing ‘hijab’, it’s make some designers and others in droves to provide casual tips wearing hijab. Here are some suggestions for wearing casual clothes with hijab;
1. For the trend this year, many who like the soft color as clothing. Such as beige, pastel, soft pink, baby blue and so forth. Most of these colors contain sweet and calm elements.
2. The colors combined with soft colors are black and white. Some of them can also be combined with black and white stripes
3. Given a colored outer almost in tune with his outfit. Most colors for outernya are light gray to soft. Outernya was not only cardigan is used
4. Model pants are again the current trend is a model of baggy pants and jeans are not tight body. Pants kulotnya also depends on the clothes that wear. From white to black,
5. Model jumpsuit clothes are now also the season. Lots of models jumpsuit clothing and color. Most of them have a blue color. For the jumpsuit model is a subordinate of pants and skirts,
6. You can use the model of hijab pasmina. Which can be modeled and look more casual. For hijab with paris model, use hijab which with thick material not overlay with color matching with clothing,
7. Look for a fashion model that is simple and not complicated, which emphasizes simplicity for casual clothing, because it looks pretty when wearing it. With white tops that can be mixed-matching with other colors. Try with calm colors to look more fresh,
8. And you can wear flat shoes for easier movement. Looks simple but elegant. Or wear sport shoes to look more sporty,
9. Can also model gamis (robe) that can be used by adult women and adolescents. Gamis can also be used for formal occasions such as parties by using one color with a color that is not too flashy and still look elegant with a combination of hijab color that is not far from the color of gamisnya. For hijabnya can use instant hijab until pasmina and paris simple and simple modeled without any additional.

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