Fashion Tips for Skinny Ladies

Fashion Style – Fashion for today is very concerned, because the number of blogs that provide tips for fashion that fits in accordance with the activities and situations. All fashion is’nt suitable for use everywhere. It is impossible to wear casual at formal events or non formal events.

Fashion style it’s also distinguished for men and woman. But for their own use for men and woman alike. Just adjust to the attended event.
Here’s how to use fashion styles for woman who have skinny bodies :
1. For those who have a thin body, suitable to wear two piece clothes better than the clothes canal. Because the skinny body by using the clothes look contained.
2. if you want to wear clothes dress, select a dress model that is tailored to the body shape. For those who have a thin body shape, by highlighting the shoulders, chest, waist and hips,
3. For dresses can also be added with a belt accessories as a complement. The belt used is also not arbitrary. It’s look make the body look taller. If using a thick belt, it will look short body,

4. Can also use the blouse tailored to the body. Blouse will look better if applied in a proportionate body. However, this dress is fairly safe, because it can be used by anyone. Use a medium-sized blouse. If you have a thin body, use a blouse with ruffles to the chest can make a thin body look a little contained,
5. If you want to travel casually, can use t-shirts. Especially if you have a thin body, avoid shirts with a tight size or small size because it makes the skinny body will look thinner and smaller. If wearing a slim shirt will sink. Use a t-shirt with the right size, not too small or big. Just use the size of a shirt that is appropriate and not tight because it will look smaller,
6. For the most secure clothing is a shirt. Because the shirt is suitable for use by anyone with a variety of body shapes. For a skinny body wearing a shirt will look contain, if the body is fat, wearing a shirt will look small,
7. For which fans of the line motifs are also not arbitrary. For those who have a thin body, better (pronounced) using a horizontal line motif, because it makes the body will look contained. If you have a body fat, use a vertical motif that will make the body look small,
8. Use clothes with a little pattern or avoid wearing clothes with many motifs because it will look crowded and make unsightly. Or also, avoid wearing plain clothes with only one color. Better to use at least two colors to look slightly colored, but not necessarily to crowded.

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