Trend Fashion Batik From Indonesia

Fashion Batik – Fashion trends didn’t disappear. The longer the more fashion trends. Moreover Indonesian clothes. There is Batik. Batik is very famous to foreign countries. Evenly, foreign artist has never put it on. In the end, Batik has its own uniqueness considering the many motives presented by Batik in accordance with the place of the region of origin.

This is various Batik motifs that come from Indonesia;
1. Batik motifs Seven
This Batik has motif derived from Pekalongan City. Batik motif is very thick with natural nuasa. Because this motif displays the shape of animal or plant motifs. These motifs are drawn from various mixtures of local and ethnic Chinese.
2. Sogan Batik
Sogan Batik motif is a typical Batik motif Solo City. Batik motif has existed since the time of the ancestors of the Javanese a few centuries ago. Batik motif is dominated by a light brown with a distinctive motif of flowers with accent points or curved lines.
3. Batik Gentongan
Motif Batik Gentongan is derived from the island of Madura where Batik motif is different from other Batik. Because this Batik motif uses simple abstract motifs and plants or a combination of both. Batik motifs usually have bright colors like red, yellow, green or purple. This batik is taken from the barrel, which is pottery used as a container for dipping this cloth on the ink.

Motif Trend Fashion Batik From Indonesia4. Batik Mega mendung
Motif Batik Mega Mendung is one of the famous Batik motifs in Indonesia originating from the city of Cirebon. This motif is very simple but has a luxurious impression. Cloudy motif in the sky with bright colors is very suitable for use by all circles
5. Batik Keraton
Batik motif The palace comes from Yogyakarta is thick with elements of the palace and empire. Batik Keraton symbolizes the wisdom, wisdom, and also the charisma of the kings of Java. This Batik motif has a symmetrical flower motif or bird wings known as sawat lar motif. Batik motif is also one of the most desired Batik motifs by local and foreign communities.
6. Batik Parang
Batik Parang motif is also one of the famous Batik motif originating from Java Island. You also can buy from online shop. Batik motif is spread across the island of Java. Parang itself has the meaning of the word pereng or tilt. The motive is similar to the letter ‘S’. Each region has its own machete motifs, such as in Yogya with broken parang motifs and parang barong in Central Java with slobog machete, while for West Java with Klisik machete motif,

Batik shirt is very suitable for semi-formal and formal events. However, batik now can also be used for casual events.

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