Fashion on Global Scale

London, Paris, Milan, New York City—what are these cities share with one another? The four cities are known as the fashion capitals of the world. They are also famous for their influences in fashion changes, meaning the world has the four cities to watch when it comes to what else is coming to revolutionize current fashion trends. The trends of fashion in the Western world are a direct result of people of high status wearing clothes that are new, different, or a combination of both. Those who notice this change may also follow suit and the whole new fashion movement could start.

You must have been familiar with the terms fashionista and fashion victim. These terms denote and refer to those among the mass with an exceptional taste for fashion and who follow whatever trends are going on in the fashion world. Not everyone can be a tasteful fashionista.

The way you dress or style yourself depends greatly on many factors including but not limited to geography, occupation, generation, social class, and age. These factors are dynamic variables that constantly change over time with the abovementioned fashion capitals acting as some sort of guiding lines. Appropriateness is everything in fashion.

However, these days, those four world capitals of fashion are not the only places people are turning to when it comes to adopting a new style of fashion. Asian fashion has slowly but significantly rose to fame. It is still a long way from being able to stand alongside those four big cities but indications are clear in recent years that the fashion world has shifted a bit from being Western-oriented to also embracing the other side of the globe. India, Japan, and China are some of good examples of Asian countries with immense influences in global fashion scene.

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