Scarves of all styles and sizes are popular this winter season, and it’s no wonder: they’re fashionable, versatile, and keep your whole body warm when it’s chilly indoors or out. With designers currently offering a multitude of patterns and colors, there is definitely something for everyone. Before you buy, consider your needs; scarves can go from the very inexpensive to costly name brand signature pieces, so a little bit of planning and investigation before you hit the stores can save you a lot of money. If the scarf is something you will likely wear outside and often, it will get more exposure to the elements, so it may be wise to purchase “quality” in this case and pay a bit more than you would for a decorative piece which would be worn less often.

Scarves can be incorporated into any outfit, and can take an all-black (or any other solid color) outfit from monotone and boring to chic and stylish. A large scarf can be used as a wrap or a shawl over a formal dress, or can be doubled around your neck for a casual addition to jeans and a plain blouse. Adding color near your face is a bonus, because when you choose colors which are flattering to your skin tone, they impart a great brightening effect.

Another way to make the most of scarves is by using them to increase the number of patterns in your wardrobe. Two contrasting patterns can be worn in one outfit, provided they are complimentary in color and size. For instance, a large floral print scarf used as a wrap or in a decorative knot will punch up a plain top and striped pants. By keeping the two patterns separated by the space of your torso, the look won’t appear cluttered.

When it comes to purchasing scarves, don’t limit yourself only to brick and mortar shops when shopping; be sure to check out great handicraft sites like for one-of-a-kind hand painted or knit scarves as well. These can often be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a big-name designer scarf, while being just as beautiful. Another bonus is that no one will have a similar item, so your look is truly “stand alone.”

Make sure to keep an interesting scarf in a lightweight fabric in your car or at the office. This way, you’ve always got an instant addition which will take your outfit from day-to-night. By adding the scarf as a pashmina, head-wrap, looped loosely around your neck, or tied in any number of interesting configurations, your look is transformed. Scarves add to an outfit without the high cost of expensive accessories and can be carried from year to year – simply update the manner in which you wear them according to that season’s trends.

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