While the color block trend is hardly new, it appears to be emerging in innovative new ways. Color blocking is simply a technique that involves wearing numerous solid colors in a garment or outfit. Such an outfit revolves around a palette of two or additional colors, typically in bright and bold shades.

The technique results in a simple yet chic look. The technique of color coordination is all about bold colors and statement pieces, resulting in a simple yet trendy look.

The fashion however does not incorporate patterns and prints.

Pulling off the trend isn’t the easiest. However, a few basic rules will help you capitalize on color blocking. With the appropriate mindset and technique, you could easily create a head to toe look.

If you’re wondering where to start, this article will teach you how to adopt the popular trend.

How to Color Block

If you are considering this look, you might want to learn how to do it the right way. These simple steps will show you how.

The initial step to color blocking an outfit is selecting a color palette. If this is your first time, start with a bright and neutral color. Neutral shades will enable you to develop a palette you’re comfortable with. Neutral shades include black, white, gray, and black.

These colors work best with bright and bold shades, which are common in this fashion trend. Other neutral shades include beige and ivory. Select a bright color such as fuchsia, orange, or purple or opt for jewel tones instead.

Include a Third or Fourth Color

Although you can work with two colors, you could add more to your palette. One way of doing this is by selecting a different color hue from the non-neutral shade. Selecting a different hue creates a cohesive look.

Accessories are mandatory when color blocking your outfit. With the appropriate clutch or belt, your entire look could come together. After selecting your palette, choose some accessories to compliment your outfit. You could choose an existing color in your palette or a different one.

Prints are unsuitable for this styling method because they take away from the visual effect. So, stick to accessories, shoes, and clothing in solid colors to attain the desired look.

Color blocking works best with separates; wearing a shirt and a skirt rather than a dress will give you an opportunity to color block with ease. If you prefer a dress, include a cardigan or blazer.

Dos and Don’ts of Color Blocking

  • Do wear neutral accessories to offset the bold colors in your pants, top, or dress.
  • Don’t wear overwhelming makeup. The focus should be on your outfit, so the makeup should be minimal but dazzling.
  • Do incorporate a lot of black. If you opt for a dress, ensure you wear black shoes. A black belt would also work if you must tighten up the waist. Black helps break up blocking, giving it extra dimension.
  • Do try various colors that match your skin tone; not all colors look good on everybody.
  • Don’t fear experimenting; fashion is all about fun.

In conclusion, color blocking is not easy to pull off. However, the right technique will create the desired look.  Don’t overdo it and if you’re unsure, seek advice.

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