What Is the Connection between Politics and Fashion Trends

In the fashion world, trend is the single most important determiner. Fashion trend is not something that can function on its own, separate from others. There are factors that dictate the direction of the trends. Said factors include entertainment industry (celebrities, music, cinema, etc.), climate, explorations of creative nature, politics, economy, social, and technology. A fashion expert can forecast whether a particular trend will decline or grow by basing it all on these factors. Politics influences fashion in a way that brings a huge impact. Political figures may also play an important role in shaping the landscape of fashion world.

Events such as political revolution will also bring about a significant change in fashion industry. In the US during the ‘60s, economic climate was conducive but divorce rate was high—plus, the government had just legalized birth control pill. This political shift prompted the youths to rebel. As a result, miniskirts that exposed the legs were all the hype in 1964. In response to this major change in fashion, many designers of that time started experimenting with a variety of garments and fabrics and trumpet sleeves, flared skirts, micro-minis, and loose sleeves proliferated rapidly, becoming the icons of the ‘60s.

Political movement is another aspect that lends itself to changing fashion landscape of the world. Again, the political climate in the US during the ‘60s can be taken as a prime example of this notion. When the Vietnam War took place, the youths protested against the government’s moves by spreading movement of peace. Felt across the country, this era was characterized by prevalence of skirts, fringed vests, bell-bottom jeans, print patterns, and fluorescent colors—elements of which were commonly found among the protesters. What is even more interesting is that this trend has a lasting impact with many modern designers drawing inspirations from it.

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