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Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical. For example: The ’90s were all about stealing the flared pants from the ’70s. Today, the acid-washed jeans and colorful patterned shirts of the ’90s are getting updated for the 21st Century.

Because fashion is all about “what goes around comes around,” we thought we’d make a couple of predictions about some past fashion styles that are due to make a comeback. Here are some of the top contenders.

“The New Look”

Christian Dior’s iconic “New Look” was a breath of fresh air after the years of fabric rationing during WWII. His post-war collections featuring massively fully skirts were created in response to austere wartime conditions.

Full skirts for women are bound to make a comeback soon for two main reasons. Firstly, we’re coming out of a nasty recession, and we want to forget about our financial troubles. Secondly, this full skirt creates the illusion of a smaller waist: perfect for women in a country full of expanding waistlines.


We’re in a bit of a 1990s revival now, so it seems like only a matter of time before Zubaz make a comeback as a retro-kitsch fashion statement. After all, there are millions of college kids and housewives rocking those hideous sweatpants that look like jeans… Zubaz would almost be a step up from “jeggings.”

Shoulder pleats

If people are channeling the 1920s now (thanks in part to “The Great Gatsby”), then it only makes sense that we’ll be channeling ’30s fashion soon. If they can channel a ’30s look that’s also got a bit of ’80s power, so much the better. No one would ever bring back ’80s-style shoulder pads, but ’30s-inspired shoulder pleats would give a blouse structure and draw the eye upwards from the waist. Puffed sleeves and shoulder caps are due for a comeback, and soon.

Big hats

Considering how “Downton Abbey” completely changed wedding dress trends in the past couple of years, it’s not much of a stretch to see how the series could affect women’s fashion to an even greater extent. Big hats with ribbons and wide brims are usually only seen on ladies in the US and the UK at horse races, but they could easily be brought back as poolside sunhats for the wealthy.

Powdered wigs (or at least, elaborately styled coiffures)

In a nation where the gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen, it just seems like a matter of time before the wealthy and famous start sporting powdered wigs again, a la Marie Antoinette. Maybe full-blown wigs are a bit far-fetched, but expect women (and maybe even hipster-rich men) to start wearing their hair very pale, piled very high, with tons of feathers or jewels for decoration. Hey, stranger things have happened.


Motif Trend Fashion Batik From Indonesia
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Motif Trend Fashion Batik From Indonesia

Fashion Batik – Fashion trends didn’t disappear. The longer the more fashion trends. Moreover Indonesian clothes. There is Batik. Batik is very famous to foreign countries. Evenly, foreign artist has never put it on. In the end, Batik has its own uniqueness considering the many motives presented by Batik in accordance with the place of the region of origin.

This is various Batik motifs that come from Indonesia;
1. Batik motifs Seven
This Batik has motif derived from Pekalongan City. Batik motif is very thick with natural nuasa. Because this motif displays the shape of animal or plant motifs. These motifs are drawn from various mixtures of local and ethnic Chinese.
2. Sogan Batik
Sogan Batik motif is a typical Batik motif Solo City. Batik motif has existed since the time of the ancestors of the Javanese a few centuries ago. Batik motif is dominated by a light brown with a distinctive motif of flowers with accent points or curved lines.
3. Batik Gentongan
Motif Batik Gentongan is derived from the island of Madura where Batik motif is different from other Batik. Because this Batik motif uses simple abstract motifs and plants or a combination of both. Batik motifs usually have bright colors like red, yellow, green or purple. This batik is taken from the barrel, which is pottery used as a container for dipping this cloth on the ink.

Motif Trend Fashion Batik From Indonesia4. Batik Mega mendung
Motif Batik Mega Mendung is one of the famous Batik motifs in Indonesia originating from the city of Cirebon. This motif is very simple but has a luxurious impression. Cloudy motif in the sky with bright colors is very suitable for use by all circles
5. Batik Keraton
Batik motif The palace comes from Yogyakarta is thick with elements of the palace and empire. Batik Keraton symbolizes the wisdom, wisdom, and also the charisma of the kings of Java. This Batik motif has a symmetrical flower motif or bird wings known as sawat lar motif. Batik motif is also one of the most desired Batik motifs by local and foreign communities.
6. Batik Parang
Batik Parang motif is also one of the famous Batik motif originating from Java Island. You also can buy from online shop. Batik motif is spread across the island of Java. Parang itself has the meaning of the word pereng or tilt. The motive is similar to the letter ‘S’. Each region has its own machete motifs, such as in Yogya with broken parang motifs and parang barong in Central Java with slobog machete, while for West Java with Klisik machete motif,

Batik shirt is very suitable for semi-formal and formal events. However, batik now can also be used for casual events.

The Best Fashion Styles You Have to Try
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The Best Fashion Styles You Have to Try

It is a must for you to keep your fashion style always up to date especially if you really want to have the wonderful and astonishing appearance all the time. So then, you will always be able to attract the attention of everyone who sees you. Well, choosing the best fashion style cannot be as easy as you flip your hand. It is because there are actually so many various styles of fashion that you can choose. Do you really want to know what they are? If you do, you better keep reading below.

There are some of the most fabulous fashion styles that you have to try in order to make you look awesome and stunning at the same time. They are:
•    Casual style
One of the numerous fashion styles that are so recommended for you is the casual style. This specific style is actually about to make your appearance look simple yet attractive. In this case, you do never need any bold or exotic stuff which can ruin this style so bad. In the simple words, you will just need the simple fashion items such as white tee, black jeans, and so on. Afterward, you can make your purse be the perfect complement. Thus, the marvelous combination of all of them will definitely make you have the modern impression that the people really love.

•    Elegant style
Moreover, the other style of fashion that are so worth to try is the elegant style which require you to always pay your attention to glamorous side of the outfits that you are wearing. It will be so nice if you choose the luxurious items to dazzle your appearance from your head to toes. The elegant designer gown can be the perfect dress that makes you able to show your classy taste. Then, you can also wear some jewelry for the bolder statement whenever and wherever you apply this style. By doing so, you will find that yourself can be so appealing and gorgeous at once.

After putting it all together, those are some of the best fashion styles that you have to try. It does not matter one of them that you choose, you can always make other people turn their heads because of your façade in the great way. In addition, in case you have a doubt, you can ask for some opinions from your close friends or family to help you to choose the most right fashion style.

Fashion Tips for Skinny Ladies
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Fashion Tips for Skinny Ladies

Fashion Style – Fashion for today is very concerned, because the number of blogs that provide tips for fashion that fits in accordance with the activities and situations. All fashion is’nt suitable for use everywhere. It is impossible to wear casual at formal events or non formal events.

Fashion style it’s also distinguished for men and woman. But for their own use for men and woman alike. Just adjust to the attended event.
Here’s how to use fashion styles for woman who have skinny bodies :
1. For those who have a thin body, suitable to wear two piece clothes better than the clothes canal. Because the skinny body by using the clothes look contained.
2. if you want to wear clothes dress, select a dress model that is tailored to the body shape. For those who have a thin body shape, by highlighting the shoulders, chest, waist and hips,
3. For dresses can also be added with a belt accessories as a complement. The belt used is also not arbitrary. It’s look make the body look taller. If using a thick belt, it will look short body,

4. Can also use the blouse tailored to the body. Blouse will look better if applied in a proportionate body. However, this dress is fairly safe, because it can be used by anyone. Use a medium-sized blouse. If you have a thin body, use a blouse with ruffles to the chest can make a thin body look a little contained,
5. If you want to travel casually, can use t-shirts. Especially if you have a thin body, avoid shirts with a tight size or small size because it makes the skinny body will look thinner and smaller. If wearing a slim shirt will sink. Use a t-shirt with the right size, not too small or big. Just use the size of a shirt that is appropriate and not tight because it will look smaller,
6. For the most secure clothing is a shirt. Because the shirt is suitable for use by anyone with a variety of body shapes. For a skinny body wearing a shirt will look contain, if the body is fat, wearing a shirt will look small,
7. For which fans of the line motifs are also not arbitrary. For those who have a thin body, better (pronounced) using a horizontal line motif, because it makes the body will look contained. If you have a body fat, use a vertical motif that will make the body look small,
8. Use clothes with a little pattern or avoid wearing clothes with many motifs because it will look crowded and make unsightly. Or also, avoid wearing plain clothes with only one color. Better to use at least two colors to look slightly colored, but not necessarily to crowded.

Things to Consider When Selecting Fabulous Fashion Style
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Things to Consider When Selecting Fabulous Fashion Style

The fashion style is something that you cannot leave behind mainly if you always want to look awesome and beautiful at once. This particular thing will really help you to have the more stunning impression that can steal the attention of the people greatly. Well, you can get all of that as long as you select the fabulous fashion style for your appearance. Fortunately, there are actually several things that you have to consider to get the style that fits you so well. Let’s check them out below.

Here are some considerations that you have to take when you want to select the best style to make your fashion look so perfect. Those are like:
• Know your shapes
Well, the first thing that you have to really consider when you want to have the excellent fashion style is that you have to know your shape so well. It is so necessary for you to find out which part of your body that you really want to flatten. So then, you can choose one of the fashion styles that suit your requirements and expectations nicely. By doing this, you can keep being confident whenever and wherever you show your style.
• Select the suitable wears
Then, the second thing that you have to do after defining your shape is to select the suitable wears. There are actually so many things to choose when you go shopping, which can be like dresses, T-shirts, jeans, and so many more still. Nevertheless, you have to make sure one of them that you can really fit in. For example, if you have a curved body, it will be so much recommended for you to choose a dress with the defined waist instead of any other dress. By doing so, you can have the incredible and gorgeous appearance for sure.

Additionally, do not ever forget to complement your amazing fashion style with the right shoes as it can be one thing that will grab the attention of the people as well. In this case, it will be better for you to choose a pair of shoes that match your outfits nicely. Or, you can also try to make the bolder statement through your bright shoes such as metallic colored shoes, nude color shoes, and so on. All of them will definitely make your overall appearance have the more marvelous look no matter the dress you are wearing.

Stylish and Comfortable Loungewear
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Stylish and Comfortable Loungewear

The word loungewear does not necessarily mean pajamas, yoga clothes, track pants and night wear. Nowadays people wear this type of clothing not just at home but also outside. They are bringing loungewear on to the streets. The clothes we wear to work or parties are generally uncomfortable and restrict us. Lounge clothing lets us be comfortable and free.

It is clothing in which one can relax. Today, most people want to look stylish and glamorous even when they are relaxing. Lounge clothing is maid for this purpose.

You can look chic and happening along with being very comfortable.

Loungewear is clothing which is worn at the poolside, when on a vacation, for playing any kind of sports in a public place and for running small errands for home. The basic concept of this clothing is to make one ensconce regardless of the fact that you are lounging or not. The thinking of designers and manufacturers who manufacture such clothing has also evolved. They now manufacture and design loungewear which is stylish, trendy and fashionable. Every person wants to look sexy and stylish without being in discomfort. This is exactly what lounge clothing does.

Another good aspect of loungewear is that it can be worn to more than one place. If you are a working woman; you can sleep in your lounge clothing, get up and drop your child to school in them and then you can also go out and get groceries for the house in the same clothing. Loungewear is a very economical form of clothing. They are low priced clothes which have several uses and purposes. Thus, they are clothing items we can get in a minimum budget. The other reason why lounge clothing is economical is because it is very low maintenance and hassle free clothing.

Loungewear is available in the market for all seasons and weather types. It can be worn throughout the year. More and more stores and online marketing sites are opening up which are dedicated to just loungewear. Big brands are opening up sections for this type of clothing. While choosing this type of clothing be practical and buy the correct fit and size. Remember this clothing is for relaxation and comfort; and these can be achieved only if the clothing is of the correct fit and the right size. Do not go for cheap stuff as they will not be durable and of high quality. Since you have to wear this type of clothing a lot make sure it durable and of high quality.

Wearing Scarves for Warmth and Fashion
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Wearing Scarves for Warmth and Fashion

Scarves of all styles and sizes are popular this winter season, and it’s no wonder: they’re fashionable, versatile, and keep your whole body warm when it’s chilly indoors or out. With designers currently offering a multitude of patterns and colors, there is definitely something for everyone. Before you buy, consider your needs; scarves can go from the very inexpensive to costly name brand signature pieces, so a little bit of planning and investigation before you hit the stores can save you a lot of money. If the scarf is something you will likely wear outside and often, it will get more exposure to the elements, so it may be wise to purchase “quality” in this case and pay a bit more than you would for a decorative piece which would be worn less often.

Scarves can be incorporated into any outfit, and can take an all-black (or any other solid color) outfit from monotone and boring to chic and stylish. A large scarf can be used as a wrap or a shawl over a formal dress, or can be doubled around your neck for a casual addition to jeans and a plain blouse. Adding color near your face is a bonus, because when you choose colors which are flattering to your skin tone, they impart a great brightening effect.

Another way to make the most of scarves is by using them to increase the number of patterns in your wardrobe. Two contrasting patterns can be worn in one outfit, provided they are complimentary in color and size. For instance, a large floral print scarf used as a wrap or in a decorative knot will punch up a plain top and striped pants. By keeping the two patterns separated by the space of your torso, the look won’t appear cluttered.

When it comes to purchasing scarves, don’t limit yourself only to brick and mortar shops when shopping; be sure to check out great handicraft sites like for one-of-a-kind hand painted or knit scarves as well. These can often be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a big-name designer scarf, while being just as beautiful. Another bonus is that no one will have a similar item, so your look is truly “stand alone.”

Make sure to keep an interesting scarf in a lightweight fabric in your car or at the office. This way, you’ve always got an instant addition which will take your outfit from day-to-night. By adding the scarf as a pashmina, head-wrap, looped loosely around your neck, or tied in any number of interesting configurations, your look is transformed. Scarves add to an outfit without the high cost of expensive accessories and can be carried from year to year – simply update the manner in which you wear them according to that season’s trends.

What is Color Blocking and How to Use It
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What is Color Blocking and How to Use It

While the color block trend is hardly new, it appears to be emerging in innovative new ways. Color blocking is simply a technique that involves wearing numerous solid colors in a garment or outfit. Such an outfit revolves around a palette of two or additional colors, typically in bright and bold shades.

The technique results in a simple yet chic look. The technique of color coordination is all about bold colors and statement pieces, resulting in a simple yet trendy look.

The fashion however does not incorporate patterns and prints.

Pulling off the trend isn’t the easiest. However, a few basic rules will help you capitalize on color blocking. With the appropriate mindset and technique, you could easily create a head to toe look.

If you’re wondering where to start, this article will teach you how to adopt the popular trend.

How to Color Block

If you are considering this look, you might want to learn how to do it the right way. These simple steps will show you how.

The initial step to color blocking an outfit is selecting a color palette. If this is your first time, start with a bright and neutral color. Neutral shades will enable you to develop a palette you’re comfortable with. Neutral shades include black, white, gray, and black.

These colors work best with bright and bold shades, which are common in this fashion trend. Other neutral shades include beige and ivory. Select a bright color such as fuchsia, orange, or purple or opt for jewel tones instead.

Include a Third or Fourth Color

Although you can work with two colors, you could add more to your palette. One way of doing this is by selecting a different color hue from the non-neutral shade. Selecting a different hue creates a cohesive look.

Accessories are mandatory when color blocking your outfit. With the appropriate clutch or belt, your entire look could come together. After selecting your palette, choose some accessories to compliment your outfit. You could choose an existing color in your palette or a different one.

Prints are unsuitable for this styling method because they take away from the visual effect. So, stick to accessories, shoes, and clothing in solid colors to attain the desired look.

Color blocking works best with separates; wearing a shirt and a skirt rather than a dress will give you an opportunity to color block with ease. If you prefer a dress, include a cardigan or blazer.

Dos and Don’ts of Color Blocking

  • Do wear neutral accessories to offset the bold colors in your pants, top, or dress.
  • Don’t wear overwhelming makeup. The focus should be on your outfit, so the makeup should be minimal but dazzling.
  • Do incorporate a lot of black. If you opt for a dress, ensure you wear black shoes. A black belt would also work if you must tighten up the waist. Black helps break up blocking, giving it extra dimension.
  • Do try various colors that match your skin tone; not all colors look good on everybody.
  • Don’t fear experimenting; fashion is all about fun.

In conclusion, color blocking is not easy to pull off. However, the right technique will create the desired look.  Don’t overdo it and if you’re unsure, seek advice.

Fashion Tips For Women – Being Fashionable is a Must
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Fashion Tips For Women – Being Fashionable is a Must

No woman in this world doesn’t want to have a beautiful face. Not only that, even if not 100% women want to be fashionable, most of them want to be fashionable. This is the reason why many women try their best to look more beautiful and stylish. Otherwise, cosmetics industry won’t be as big as it is now. Also, there won’t be many beauty and fashion for women tips that the experts share. It means that it is quite common if a woman wants to be beautiful and fashionable. Becoming beautiful and stylish also doesn’t break any rules. So, why don’t you try it?

As for women who already have beautiful faces, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to do anything to look gorgeous. In fact, those who have beautiful faces from born can be surpassed by those who have relatively familiar faces in beauty if the ones with relatively common faces can make up their faces in good ways. So, making up faces is a must for women to be able to look beautiful whether they already have beautiful faces or not.

I have a friend who has good face shape and most people agree that she is beautiful. Unfortunately, she is not a kind of woman who likes to make up her face. She also doesn’t have anything fashionable worn by her body. When I asked her male friend about her appearance, he said that she was beautiful, but it was very unfortunate that she would look much more beautiful if she made up her face and dressed more fashionably. Because of that, she is not as popular as her friend whose face is relatively common, but she likes to make up and wear fashionable clothes. From that, I come into conclusion that having a beautiful face is not everything. It means that everyone can be beautiful and stylish if they do some beauty and fashion tricks.

It is quite fortunate since no woman can choose her face shape from born. So, the world is entirely fair in this part.

Now, whether you face is beautiful or just relatively common, you have to know how to make up and wear fashionable clothes if you want to be considered gorgeous by people around you. However, if you don’t want to be regarded as gorgeous, then it is okay, and you don’t have to push yourself too hard. I believe that if you have someone whom you want to attract, then you have to be gorgeous no matter what. It is of course because most men like women who are beautiful, or in this case, beautiful and fashionable. Also, being cute and stylish can sometimes help you in your career since there are many companies which require their female (and male) employees to look attractive a.k.a. Beautiful and fashionable. Well, do they look for some special breed women with beautiful faces from born? Of course not. They look for women who know how to nurture their faces and bodies. Those are the benefits you can gain if you have beauty and fashion within your grasp.