Fashion and Media, Two Industry Sectors Made for Each Other

Fashion and media are inseparable twins since the moment they met each other at the turn of the century. The media has its share in helping shape up the fashion industry. Conversely, the fashion world continuously supplies the media with new things to report. Fashion is deeply etched into the media that there is this subset of news category called fashion journalism. All kinds of media (you name it: television, radio, newspapers, magazines, social media, websites, blogs) feature a special section within them containing editorial critiques, commentaries, and guides. With YouTube adding itself onto the long list of media, fashion tips and news about fashion trends can be spread around the world even faster.

Fashion and Media, Two Industry Sectors Made for Each Other

It all began at the start of the 20th century when fashion magazines started to also include photographs of many clothing designs. The appeal that these magazines had was tremendous as people flocked to newsstands buying them. In a way, fashion magazines shape the preference and taste of the mass. Among the many fashion publications out there is Vogue. Founded in 1892, Vogue remains a constant mainstay in the fashion landscape of the world. After a century of focusing on women’s style, the magazine branched out in the ‘90s to also cover men’s fashion.

A new movement is just established recently within the fashion media industry. Magazines with critical contents regarding fashion flourish, all of which seem to try to debunk common conception about fashion being superficial. Fashion Theory (first published in 1997) and Vestoj (2009) are perfect examples of this kind of magazines. The fashion industry is also a field rich in content to explore in television, primarily through reality shows. Project is a competition held to accommodate up and coming designers to compete with each other. Other programs like Ugly Betty used fashion as its main focus for the story.

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