No woman in this world doesn’t want to have a beautiful face. Not only that, even if not 100% women want to be fashionable, most of them want to be fashionable. This is the reason why many women try their best to look more beautiful and stylish. Otherwise, cosmetics industry won’t be as big as it is now. Also, there won’t be many beauty and fashion for women tips that the experts share. It means that it is quite common if a woman wants to be beautiful and fashionable. Becoming beautiful and stylish also doesn’t break any rules. So, why don’t you try it?

As for women who already have beautiful faces, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to do anything to look gorgeous. In fact, those who have beautiful faces from born can be surpassed by those who have relatively familiar faces in beauty if the ones with relatively common faces can make up their faces in good ways. So, making up faces is a must for women to be able to look beautiful whether they already have beautiful faces or not.

I have a friend who has good face shape and most people agree that she is beautiful. Unfortunately, she is not a kind of woman who likes to make up her face. She also doesn’t have anything fashionable worn by her body. When I asked her male friend about her appearance, he said that she was beautiful, but it was very unfortunate that she would look much more beautiful if she made up her face and dressed more fashionably. Because of that, she is not as popular as her friend whose face is relatively common, but she likes to make up and wear fashionable clothes. From that, I come into conclusion that having a beautiful face is not everything. It means that everyone can be beautiful and stylish if they do some beauty and fashion tricks.

It is quite fortunate since no woman can choose her face shape from born. So, the world is entirely fair in this part.

Now, whether you face is beautiful or just relatively common, you have to know how to make up and wear fashionable clothes if you want to be considered gorgeous by people around you. However, if you don’t want to be regarded as gorgeous, then it is okay, and you don’t have to push yourself too hard. I believe that if you have someone whom you want to attract, then you have to be gorgeous no matter what. It is of course because most men like women who are beautiful, or in this case, beautiful and fashionable. Also, being cute and stylish can sometimes help you in your career since there are many companies which require their female (and male) employees to look attractive a.k.a. Beautiful and fashionable. Well, do they look for some special breed women with beautiful faces from born? Of course not. They look for women who know how to nurture their faces and bodies. Those are the benefits you can gain if you have beauty and fashion within your grasp.

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